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As the commercial cleaning industry’s top global company, Jan-Pro has developed branded processes that keep the workplace clean, fresh and protected from harmful bacteria.
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Measuring What We Manage

Your satisfaction drives every aspect of our business. We customize cleaning plans to fit each facility and its unique needs.


JAN-PRO Sets Standards in Commercial Cleaning

We Care About Your Business Success

Franchise owners lead the crew that cleans your facility. They’re committed to providing superior cleaning and service on every visit.


A Healthier Workplace For Your Business

With our exclusive EnviroShield® disinfecting system, your facility will be protected from bacteria, flu and other viruses, making it safer and healthier.

our franchise support teams confirm that any service issues are addressed immediately

Where Cleaning Counts Most

Our Owner-Certified MedMetrix® program for medical facility cleaning meets the strict requirements of AORN, OSHA, CDC and the Joint Commission.


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Reliable Commercial Cleaning Service from JAN-PRO® of Salt Lake City

Total accountability means making promises and then keeping them. JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City is dedicated to this principle of honesty and hard-work in the commercial cleaning services we offer our clients. Our years of experience and development of advanced processes and technologies have ranked us as the #1 commercial cleaner worldwide. But don’t take our word for it–let us show you the JAN-PRO difference by providing your facility with the best commercial cleaning services possible.

We have years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry and we pass that on to every member of our team. All team members from Jan-Pro of Salt Lake City are carefully selected and certified through our comprehensive five-week training program. Our commercial cleaning professionals are trained in the use of our processes and technologies. Every member of the Jan-Pro of Salt Lake City team understands the best cleaning methods for the various industry and facility we service. They also understand and comply with the cleaning regulations set by the Joint Commission, CDC, AORN, and OSHA.

Jan-Pro of Salt Lake City combines our crew’s knowledge with best in class cleaning equipment to achieve a superior level of clean. We use our EnviroShield® system throughout our commercial cleaning services to disinfect your facility. EnviroShield® kills 99% of germs, bacteria and over 40 contagions that can cause harm. For those that work in your facility, this can mean less absenteeism and a healthy boost to the general morale. If your facility is part of the healthcare industry, our MedMetrix® system has been specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges and stricter commercial cleaning guidelines required by medical facilities.

All our cleaning products are strong enough to allow us to use fewer chemicals while still being safe to your team and the environment. We are happy to offer a certified green cleaning program upon request. Just ask a member of the Jan-Pro of Salt Lake City team for information on the green cleaning programs we offer.

Other commercial cleaning services we offer include:

  • Pressure washing
  • Specialized carpet and hard floor care
  • Keeping your air clean with our quietly efficient four-filter backpack vacuums

Jan-Pro of Salt Lake City avoids cross-contamination by changing our color-coded microfiber cloths and flat mops frequently. We never re-use a cloth in one room that has already been used on surfaces in another.

In striving for total accountability in our commercial cleaning services, everything we do at Jan-Pro of Salt Lake City is guaranteed. If you are ever less than 100% satisfied, please let us know and we will respond and correct your issues within 48 hours. If we didn’t do something right the first time, we won’t charge you anything extra for us to do it again.

We want to become more than just another vendor in your daily life; we want to be your trusted commercial cleaning partner. Call JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City today at (801) 892-0110 for more information on commercial cleaning services.

Two Janitors cleaning stairs
May 5, 2017

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